Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Swatch: Zoya Pixie Dust Nyx

Hi everyone! It's been kind of a rollercoaster with me the last couple weeks what with exams and all so the blog has taken a backburner. I'm going to try to have posts for the week I'm gone like I mentioned but I really haven't been feeling the inspiration to get my nails together. I also still have to write a review (my first company requested review!) which I will get to for sure.

As for today, I have another of the Zoya Pixie Dusts. I'm sure everyone's over these by now but I'm still going. Nyx is the smoky blue of the collection and I did three coats.

The first three photos are with natural light from my window and the last is under my desklamp.

When I put this on last night I noticed that in my dull room light it really looked a lot like the grey one, London, though from the photos you would never think that. I might have to do a comparison or something.

Which Pixies did you pick up? Are you lusting the summer collection like I am?

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