Thursday, April 18, 2013 Review!

I've made it big, guys! A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a representative from OMG Nail Strips, a website whose goal is to offer the largest collection of nail strip designs for a lower price. The prices certainly are lower too! $5 plus free shipping. Anyway, I picked two designs and I have the first one today. I promise this is my honest review.

It's called the white floral strip or something and it's pretty much the perfect thing for spring =3

 All the instructions are on the packaging and its very straightforward.
 You start by matching the sizes to your cuticles, and then peeling them off.
 You stick it on (make sure you peel off both sides! and tug and press until it all lays flat. To get rid of the excess, I folded it over my nail edge and then used my nail file to file it off in a clean cut.

 It was super easy! I topped it off with a coat of Seche because it says to do so and removal involves warm water. I'll keep you guys updated on whether it lasts 7 days like the package says!

So overall, a favourable review. These were really easy, quick and had a nice shallow learning curve. This is my first time applying them and you can see that they came out perfect for all intents and purposes. Close up, I did tug a little bit much and tore some little rips into the design (you can kind of see it in the last picture on the index finger) but that's user error and it won't happen again.

The only thing about these is I have tiny little fingers, and my three middle fingers are all about the same size. So one of them got a strip that was too large and I had to figure out how to wear it down and clean it up. Luckily they're made of real nail polish, or something similar enough that a q-tip with some acetone cleaned it up easy.

I don't think I pressed down on the edges enough so make sure you do that and in a couple hours I'll probably add another coat of Seche just to make sure those edges stay down. I recommend not trying to get super close to your cuticle when you stick it down. Also - and I think I would have this problem with any strips - my nails are really curved so smoothing everything out was probably a bit more work for me than someone with flat nails.

That's it! I think if you guys are looking into getting into these, they are a great place to start and by being about half the price of the more expensive brands (that go for $8-$12, from what I've seen) they won't set you back much if you find you don't like them.

Hopefully they'll come out with smaller ones =P

Visit omgnailstrips at their website or on Facebook! Tell them I sent you even =D


So I didn't even let these last a day. I'm the first to admit that I'm the worst picker, and as soon as I put Vaseline on my cuticles (as I normally do), the edges started peeling up. I tried to remove the worst of it but it all became kind of uneven so my advice is to stick to cuticle oil or something less pervasive than Vaseline petroleum jelly. My eczema has been acting up which is why I used it.

On the plus side, when you are ready to remove this, it comes up pretty easily and in large chunks or whole pieces. I didn't even need to use the hot water =) With this in mind, I think I would save my nail strips for special occasions when I want to match a specific outfit for a day or two. Perhaps it would last better with a gel topcoat, or even if my Seche hadn't shrunk at the tips!

What do you think, guys? Would you buy these?

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