Sunday, March 17, 2013

Let It Snow #16: St Patrick's Day!

HI! I know I'm totally out of order but I've fallen behind on EVERYTHING and I didn't want to miss this holiday. It's also Branden's auntie's birthday thing tomorrow and she would be totally disappointed if I didn't have awesome nails as usual so yeah, I'm skipping to St. Paddy's day. I'm sorry. I'll try more nail art after this, and I promise to go in order.

This is even more out of order because you're not getting this colour swatch first but, I started with China Glaze Running In Circles from the Cirque du Soleil collection. It is freaking gorgeous, and I will tell you about it later <3

After I put that down, I worked a rainbow onto my ring finger. I used Julep January, Orly Old School Orange, Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine, CG Running in Circles (of course), Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Essence Passion for Fashion. I free-handed =)

Then of course there's gold at the end of that rainbow! Julep Oscar ftw =D

 On my thumb, I did the little signature leprechaun belt! I used black acrylic paint with my dotting tool and then did some KleanColor Gold Bright for the belt buckle =)

Whole hand~

Now I took a page out of Kelly's books and wanted some glitter! I added China Glaze Make a Spectacle and it wasn't enough, so I put Essie Shine of the Times on there too and I LIKE it!

So there you go! Who's getting smashed tonight? (Not me, lols, I don't really drink...) I might be opening a whole bag of chips and a coke and scarfing that but I have a feeling there will be pizza and cake for lunch so I'll be all fatty on the couch *walrus*.

Show me your nails!!

PS: Did anybody notice my new watermark? I HAVE A SURPRISE!

My boyfriend, my wonderful, wonderful boyfriend, made me a watermarking program so this entire set of photos took 5 minutes. I want to share this all with you but in a special way. You all know I'm collecting money for BC Children's Hospital and cutting my hair to donate (18+ inches!) and shaving my head. So far I have $1380 and I want to give you some incentive to contribute. For a minimum of $1, I will email you the Google Docs link for you to download this program for yourselves. You make an image with your watermark on a white background and you can change the weight of the watermark and make it totally opaque (those of you with images) or have it like mine. Does that sound cool? (Instructions are included.)

*****This program is for PC only. Sorry Macs =(*****

Click here to donate (orange "Donate Now" button), and then shoot me an e-mail at with the email you used to donate (by credit card only unfortunately).

Please, for the spirit of the fundraising, do not share this program with your friends. I know you will and I can't stop you, but at least hold off until after March 20th, when I will be getting shaved (that's 4 days, you can make it). After that it won't be so bad, just give credit where credit is due <3

What do you think? Have a lucky day!

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