Friday, March 15, 2013

Fast Food Poutine: Roo's Pub

I talk about Vancouver a lot, but in reality, I live in a suburb about an hour's drive away called Coquitlam. There's not a whole lot to do here but we do have some things. One of them being Roo's Pub (2962 Christmas Way). The best thing about them is their student night with the "Douglas College Burger" - Douglas College being the local one.

For $5 you get a huge burger and for an extra dollar or two, you can make the side of fries poutine!

And here's the burger and fries (a different time)

All in all, it wasn't bad poutine. It was pretty good actually, but nothing special as compared to some of the other ones I've eaten (right?). If you're just craving some, Roo's is a good place for you to go if you're in the area =)

Click here for the full list! <3

Check out Roo's website too!

PS: In five days, I'll be bald! If you've got a little bit of extra moolah, consider sending it to BC Children's Hospital via moi! =D

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