Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Pokemon Nail Challenge: WATER

Who's the Pokemon? (I'm just going to tell you - OMANYTE!)

Welcome back guys =D Hopefully this post tides you over for a bit because I've got two midterms coming up in the middle of next week which means a LOT of studying!

Anyway, I started with Julep Otte, and then did a tip with Julep Claire (a colour which is on sale for $5.60 right now - I recommend!).

And that is my first French Manicure ladies and gentlemen. Now onto the details...

Omanyte is very nail-shaped =) I used a brown sharpie to draw in the helical shell.

My hands are so shiny because I tried to put vaseline to prevent sharpie all around my fingers when I outlined the shell. It kinda worked... And now tentacles...
I'm happy I finally got to use my coloured sharpies. Now just the eyes, where I used black and white acrylic paint and my dotting tool.

For topcoat, I used Julep's Suede Matte one, it just seemed right. Unfortunately I didn't gloop enough and it picked up some of the blue sharpie and smudged it all over my index finger before I figured it out. Apart from that, it worked out pretty well =D Lookit them all!

The tentacles are so wiggly looking xD

My nail twin this week is Bee from Helloobee! Check her out, along with all the others below <3