Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swatch: Revlon Hot For Chocolate

Hi guys! Did you miss me? So the matte topcoat on Omanyte, like matte topcoat does, chipped off today and I came home and started on my challenge post for this week from The Nail Challenge Collaborative. Well for Christmas I got the perfect colour and I have actually been pretty excited to use it =D

Revlon's Hot For Chocolate is a dark, rich brown. I did two coats, and the entire time all I could think of was black forest cake...

I am definitely a fan of brown, but it looks a little weird on me. Maybe I'm just not used to dark polish anymore. Also my nails are that awkward not-short-not-long length so that might be it too.

What do you guys think? What's your favourite brown? (From what I heard it's not China Glaze Mahogany Magic xP)


  1. What a beautiful brown! My personal favourite is OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, but this has such a yummy, rich colour to it--it's like Hershey's syrup on your nails!

    1. THAT'S what it reminded me of! I totally forgot about that stuff, it's delicious! I'm gonna have to look for that OPI. My love affair with that brand is just beginning... Thank you! <3


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