Saturday, February 9, 2013

Swatch: KleanColor Gold Bright and OPI GoldenEye

Sooo I'm doing these two challenges and I don't really have time to do my own things... Well, I'm gonna take a page out of Elizabeth's fantabulous book and do my own thang. I really didn't feel like having my nails purple and I didn't want to do art and then just take it off right away soooo here's some gold!

I started with KleanColor Gold Bright.

As you can see there's a bit of streakiness, but it makes it look softly brushed, I kind of like it. I did three coats, but I honestly didn't mind the VNL after one. I dunno why. It's a very beautiful colour.

Anyway, I really put this down because I wanted to use OPI Goldeneye but didn't want to do three coats because I only have a mini bottle <3

Here's one coat of OPI Goldeneye =)

I could NOT get a good picture of this! It is absolutely gorgeous! Tomorrow's post builds on this again, so look forward to it =)


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