Sunday, January 6, 2013

Swatch: Julep Mila

Hello everybody! I missed you, did you miss me? My Aurora nails FINALLY fell off after about a week (which is amazing for me) and I snipped down my nails and I have another pair of great posts for you =]

Today is Julep Mila, a polish I have been waiting FOREVER to do, and it's finally time! This is a party in a bottle. I put down peel-off glue basecoat first, and then did three coats of Mila followed by Seche Vite. Mila is back from July, when I also got Julep Chelsea.

I fully intended to take more pictures after I got rid of all the glitter herpes but I was just so excited about the next post! Look forward to it!

You can get your first Julep box for one penny with the code PENNY. Click the "I'm a Bombshell" link in the sidebar if you love me and want to give me props for referring you =)

See you for tomorrow's post!


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    1. Thanks!! And lucky you, living so close to me with free access to my stash ;)


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