Monday, January 7, 2013

Let It Snow #6 Winter Solstice

This was a hard one for most people! What does a solstice mean and why would we care? What is with this?

In my culture (Iranian), it means a PARTY. We call this Shabeh Yalda - The Longest Night. After my quiet new year's eve imagery, I'm ready for some noise y'all!

I started with Julep Mila (surprise surprise). On top of this party glitter, I took inspiration from one of my favourite books: Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey. The book describes a huuuuuge party to celebrate The Longest Night.

I forgot to mention what solstice means, didn't I? The winter solstice is important, because it means the day when the year goes from deepening winter to emerging spring, and if you imagine yourself without all the comforts of home, in old times when winter could mean starvation, you can understand how it could be a celebration when the worst is over.

Anyway, like I said, taking from Kushiel's Dart, I did some simple but spectacular MASQUERADE.

I used my acrylic paints, and based it off some masks I've got around my room.

 The mask on my thumb is actually based on one that's been on my wall since I graduated high school - my boyfriend-at-the-time's school's After-Grad theme was Mardi Gras, and we got masks =D
 And here's the mask that my two other nails are based on!

 And my other hand xP The thumb was supposed to be based on sunshine, and the white mask is just something similar I've seen before.

I love my nails right now guys. Hopefully the glue lasts a while (but not too long!) so I can enjoy them, but post more later =P


  1. This is seriously gorgeous! So. much. glitter. I love it! And thanks for the description of what solstice is like for you - I honestly had no clue! :)

    1. Thanks gorgeous! It was reeeally shinyy *_* I haven't been to the actual party for ages but it's kind of cool right? I think you'd really enjoy the book too, let me know if you pick it up and what you think <3!


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