Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail Polish Canada week 3: Christmas decoration

I still think it's too early for this but here goes. I was going to try that taped Christmas tree because damn, if that's not the epitome of Xmas, then I don't know what is. Unfortunately, it was a disaster, and I went about it freehand like I always do when I realize that tape's not gonna work this time either...

Vote for last week's Presents manicure right HERE pretty please (until Dec 5) <3 (the link to this week's is at the end of this post)

Anyway, first things first, I still don't have striping tape so here's my setup (starting with Billie silver):

Added Nyx Las Vegas (which you'll remember I hate, but I can't find any better colour - SUGGESTIONS PLEASE <3?)

Aaaaand this is where I give up on taping. Forever? Probably not. I never learn.

I freehanded the rest.

There was an in between step here, but it was too shitty a picture. I dabbed on KleanColor Fireworks and then took KleanColor Silver Star and dug out a single star for each finger and bullied it into place.


And flash...

The flash makes it look a lot yellower than it actually is...

To be fair, unflash makes it really blue...

This is my entry for the third and final week of Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Nail Art Contest. Voting happens HERE and I would love if you gave your input, hopefully for me, but I'll still love you if not <3 You can vote right up until December 12th. I'll remind you =D

So as you may have noticed, these pictures kind of suck, and I'm really sorry. The culprit is my normally amazing overbright reading lamp (which I have not once used for reading). The bulb must have given out when I was at school today. I need to go buy a 20W rocket-shaped bulb before I can get decent pictures again ==

On the plus side, there may be some guest posts on their way <3 Nail polish bloggers are the best kind of people. If anyone else wants to volunteer, contact me to trade some traffic =)


  1. Baahahahahah....

    "dug out a single star for each finger and bullied it into place"

    Bullied it into place... Haha! Seriously sometimes it feels like I'm at war with my polish so I totally understand ;) I love how these came out! Sparklyyyy!

    1. Thaaanks <3 Yeah it took a lot of stabbing to get it to go and then stay xP I totally wish my lamp hadn't burned out lol.

  2. Striping without striping tape is impossible! Well more irritating than anything. I finally bought myself some striping tape for 2$. Should be promising!

    1. It's not just me, right?? I have to find a deal that good - usually they don't ship to Canada =(

  3. What a creative way of making Christmas trees! :-)

  4. I like the final look! You can always cut plain tape into strips too. You need something that will keep the polish from seeping underneath it. Clever thought with the rubber band though!

    1. Thank you!! <3

      I'm so lllaaaaazzzzzyyyyyy (to cut it into strips)!!!!~ The tape part even seeped though - I can never seem to get a straight line. To be fair, this polish, Nyx Las Vegas, is crap anyway. I'm hoping that once I get striping tape, it will all be magically easy.

      I don't remember where I saw the rubber band but I think if it was smaller it might have worked too. =D


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