Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poutine: Zako's Deli

I completely overlooked this place when I was making my poutinerie lists! When I was doing my Co-op at BCCRC I once wandered the streets looking for something I felt like eating. Pizza wasn't doing it, and I stumbled into this Deli. The owner is the NICEST person and the poutine is AMAZING. The rest of the menu looks and smells delicious as well. Anyway, after months and months, I made it back to do my poutine review =)

For $6.50 you get this large poutine

I dove right in...

... and ate my heart out <3
A large is definitely LARGE. I should have gone for the small but oh man. Spiced fries with real gravy and the chunky cheese of godliness.

So where does it rank? It was really delicious, but I've still got Dunn's in my mind, and Preston's beer gravy blew me away. Mean Poutine gave me a really good bang for my buck, as well as having battered fries which made my life so... I think that's where Zako's goes.

Check out the updated list here <3


  1. Oh, man. I need that more than air. Those fries look so, so good.

    1. WELCOME TO THE WOOOORLD OF POUTIIINEE~~ *Futurama reference*

      Have you had one before? You will LOVE it.


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