Friday, November 9, 2012

Poutine: Dougie Dog

Hey guys! Today's apparently Poutine Friday! On Thursdays at SFU it's food truck day, where we have one of the popular trucks from downtown Vancouver drive up to visit us for a couple hours. It's really neat to have the opportunity to try these little places out. I should have taken a picture of the actual truck.

Yesterday's truck was.... *drum roll*... Dougie Dog! They advertise homemade fries and gravy, and delicious cheese curds. This poutine was $7, and a good size for the price (though STILL not as good value as Mean Poutine!).

Notice those compostable wooden forks! Super cool! Beyond that though, this poutine was pretty meh. I think I even prefer La Belle Patate! The cheese curds were really good, though there weren't that many of them, but the gravy fell a little flat. The fries also reminded me of fast food fries a little too much.

Now that's not to say this poutine was BAD. Not in the least! It just means I prefer the other ones. If I had the choice between Dougie Dog and SFU's Mackenzie Cafe Poutine I'd probably choose the latter. Sorry Dougie!

  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. Mean Poutine
  4. Zako's Deli
  5. Frenchies
  6. La Poutinerie
  7. Fritz
  8. La Belle Patate
  9. Dougie Dog
Check out the full updated list!


  1. Oh I love me some poutine!!!!

    1. Me too! (obviously xD). Any recommendations, fellow Canadian? =D


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