Sunday, November 11, 2012

FiA#10 Favourite Sweater

This one had me stumped. My favourite sweater feels like wearing a hug, but it's got snowflakes on it and it's not winter yet, so I didn't want to do it =( Another time! The rest of my sweaters cause me some problems because they're solid colour cable-knit. So, well, that leaves me with a cable-knit pattern to attempt. I decided I wanted to put down a solid colour and draw over it in Sharpie.

I picked one of the sweaters I have from Bluenotes.
A very old photo of me in this sweater.... Ugh my hair O_o;
I chose Color Club Electro-Midnight
 After it dried, I drew on some stripes and on the index finger I tried to do the crossing that I think of when one says "cable-knit". Since it's Remembrance Day in Canada, I added a little poppy as well =)
The poppy is Revlon Get Reddy and LA Colors striper

This isn't my favourite design to be honest. I took it off and started planning my Autumn Dotticure (expect that soon!). Hopefully next time this comes up I'll have some more interesting sweaters =P

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  1. I laughed when you commented on my mani that your favorite sweater it a snowflake patterned too. :D But you're really brave to attempt the cable-nit pattern! You can totally tell what you were trying to do! Nice job!
    Oh, and to answer your question: I used to draw a lot. I haven't really done that in a couple of years though...

    1. Yay! Thanks xD And thank you for being so supportive (of my fails *COUGH*) <3 I saw that yours was snowflakey too and I thought, "Darn, she's right!" The winter sweaters are just the bestest >_<

      I drew a lot when I was younger too! Now I just can't get myself to sit down and start something (I usually drew on a binge: start at 9pm, go 'til 2am) and I'm actually starting to miss it. Life gets in the way, huh?

    2. I have yet to see a fail ;)

      I used to draw a lot in class/university. There were more drawings in my notebooks than actual notes... I miss it too. I'm thinking about doing a little painting for my mom as a christmas present. I have a couple ideas and started planning, but actually... the sheer scale of it scares me a little. My canvases have been so tiny in the last few years ^^;;

    3. I know the feeling ~_~ But you should totally do it! I bet your mom is THRILLED when she sees it, even if you end up finishing it a couple weeks late =D

  2. Looks really pretty! Cable knit pattern is tough to recreate. I love that you described your favorite sweater like a hug :D

    1. Thank you! It was really hard! You look at the crossing pattern and it LOOKS easy but WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING THERE???

      As for the snowflake sweater, that's how the girl sold it to me! I was eyeing it and trying to decide if I was really going to pay $40 and she just came up (with one on) and said, "I LOVE it, it's like wearing a hug!" and that is forever how I will describe xD I should have bought like four haha.


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