Monday, October 1, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise

As you may have guessed, I ordered the full set of Equestria mini's, but of course I had favourites. Pinkie Promise was not one of them. As you may be aware I am not a pink person =) However, this combination wins. I've gotta say, there wasn't as much of a pink shimmer as you'd think from looking at the bottle, but that might have been the underwear I chose. As it were, my nails looked like they were sprinkled with gold under the glitter. which I don't mind at all ;)

One coat and a couple dabs of Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise over two coats of Essence Princess Prunella.

This is a gorgeous mix of glitter and I'm incredibly surprised by how much I like this (that happens a lot, doesn't it...?). The little blue glitter is great and the tiny bar glitter (especially the blue) and the giant pink hexes that laid flat no effort. Holy crap.
SORRY FOR THE CUTICLES. I am working on it <3
 I think the above is my favourite picture of this, even though my skin is really bad ==

In related news, my new ones arrived from the Chrono Cross Collection and Koi Pond from the Sakura Matsuri collection...
You guys need Rainbow Honey. Just go. Seriously. ;) (Tell her I sent you =D)

(What do you think?)