Monday, October 29, 2012

Swatch: Essie Shine of the Times

Everybody and their cat have swatched this polish but I decided to take the plunge and spend my money only recently. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find it because it was discontinued but, lo and behold, I walked into Superstore and got the last bottle. For $5. I think I scored pretty well, especially on my first Essie =D

Here is one coat over Revlon Blackest Black.

And then I matted it with WarPaint Mattify. I'd seen this a lot and I LOVE Mattifying e'rr-thang.

I love it. I could wear this ALL the time!

Are any of you guys lemming this? London Drugs has bottles and bottles of it for $10. Is it worth me hoarding some for a giveaway? TELL ME THINGS =D


  1. I didn't know it was discontinued! It looks great mattified :] I'm not sure if I would pay $10 for it though!

    1. Thanks! I don't like paying $10 for anything haha, I totally understand. That's what I kept hearing and it's definitely not being restocked in the places I've looked. All of reddit is crying over not being able to find it =(

  2. I love Essie's shine of the times. So pretty


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