Sunday, September 9, 2012

Swatch: Essence Oh My Glitter!

Today I broke out my new Essence! I pulled out Oh My Glitter!, new brush and all.

There's a shimmer I couldn't capture. It's the same on in Essence A Lovely Secret, but this time it actually transferred. Also, these pictures are a lot more blue than the actual polish. While ALS is quite bluish a purple, this one is a much warmer tone.

Anyway, the technical part: It was opaque in two coats. These pictures are three because there was amazing depth achieved with the third coat. It's already dry and I'm ready to add some sparkle! As for the new brush, I REALLY liked it. It was incredibly easy to use and I could cover my entire (albeit tiny) nail in two swipes if I wanted. I could also apply quite a bit of pressure, preventing bubbles from sticking to the nail which I really really really really really like. I can't wait to try my other one!

On the downside, I noticed that the new bottles doesn't include Choose Me! (which I still have to swatch) which makes me VERY VERY glad that when I had the chance I bought two! Lucky breaks =)

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