Thursday, September 6, 2012

PNE 2012

This year was my first ever at the PNE and I'm going to say right now that I would definitely go again! Branden and I aren't much for rides, so our money went to the tickets to get in and food. LOTS of food!

The days events

Delicious BBQ ribs

A team of Clydesdales!

Baby cow


Baby llama



Helmeted pigeons

More pigeons


She was happy to be scratched =)

Mama cow and her twins <3


Chip things that were trying to be hurricane potatoes from the Night Market but failing miserably (don't buy these)

Sand sculpture. And look, there's us! =P

I always have to test their claims.
 Ever since Trees downtown made this claim and failed to live up to it, I have to try the cheesecake anyplace is trying to peg as the best.
It was delicious. They can keep their claim.

Ended the night with onion rings!
So we saw lots of horses and the Peking acrobats and the Horse Jumping competitions and (can you tell I like animals yet?) the SuperDogs which were hilarious! It was awesome! Next year I'll save up some of my own money for this and make sure I'm the one treating my boy <3

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