Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FiA#1 Back To School

Well since summer's coming to a close, that means... the start of a new challenge!

Starting with number one~ Well, once you get to university there's not so much in the way of school supplies that you worry about. Except for one thing. Paper. Paper, paper, PAPER. I use so much paper in a semester. And when I saw this design first on Beads. Nails. Food. and then on Polished Prisms I knew I wanted to do it too! Sorry for the lack of creativity.

I started with Ulta Snow White, and striped on Essence You Belong To Me and then Revlon Strawberry Electric. And then mattified with good old WarPaint. =) I chose the light blue and pink to make sure I had washed out colours like what lined paper looks like.

This is pre-cleanup, so I'm sorry about the bit of white around my index finger.

Post cleanup with my notes for today on it =P

Here's the crew so far! (Bound to be updated). Some veterans with me, some newbies (though not necessarily to nail art!)

Hannah from Polished Prisms
Stephanie from A Little Polish
Suer from Creative Nail Design By Sue
Katee from A Girl And Her Polish
Ashley from One Nail to Another
Karine Assemien from Karine's Vernis Club
Kayono Lan (aka Johanna) from Neues vom Kellerkind
Charlotte-Louise from Charlotte's Nails
Alyson Epstein from Beads. Nails. Food.
Maribeth from Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite
Becky from Glam Fiend
Angie from Our Painted World
Alethia from Never-Ending Nail Art
Sarah from Dakila's
Amanda from Mandy's Polish
Lisa from Lisa's Nail Obsession
Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity
Stephanie from All Things Beautiful
Martina from From Head to Foot

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