Monday, August 6, 2012

Vancouver's got Pride!

Rainbow nails!
Look at that fabulous

Don't be a drag, just be a queen!


Balloon fireworks!

I didn't know this existed!


Something about immigrants being able to enter Canada in gay partnerships

Momo Sushi! (Bidwell and Robson)

Branden trying to cheer me up about being starving
Vancouver's got Pride! This isn't half the photos I took, but 3 hours of sitting on the side of the road is a LONG time. Also, the people handing out swag suck. Me and the four people I was with are screaming and holding out our hands, and they skip over us and give the people on either side of us. What do they think that means? The only reason I got my rainbow flag (FINALLY) was because the guy handing them out hesitated when he was giving it to the girl beside me and I grabbed it. SUCKIT.

I have some comments I guess. First off, the foreskin people's signs were incorrect. They were spreading propaganda to further their cause, which is wrong. There are studies that show a reduction in the risk of contracting HIV by 57% for circumcised men, so while it is genital mutilation (and I actually prefer foreskin), since it is a part of their coming of age rituals for young boys, it might as well be safely done. I was really disappointed in that false information.

My favourite part of all of  this is the drag queens/kings and crossdressers. Love it =D

There was a lot of screaming, and a lot of hot topless people, and some cool stuff like fans and flags and buttons =) We need to learn and pack lunch next time (didn't get to that sushi until four!) so we don't get crabby (I get so crabby). On our way back we found Philippe and his friend and had a cool ride home! PHEW!

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