Tuesday, August 7, 2012


To keep me company on that 3 week trip far far away (to Istanbul etc), my boy-toy sent me pictures =) This little dragon was his birthday present from me. I got him from the insanely popular Dragons and Beasties on Etsy.

These are all the photos he sent me, along with the caption they came with. Enjoy <3! (Sorry for the filler)

"Don't worry, I brought back up"

“I conquered them all.”

"Come, my minions..."

“I tried to play too but I couldn’t move the cubes onto the buttons.”

"Get me out of here, these guys are quackers!"

“It's still cold without you, even with the furnace on.”

“Yay treasure!”

"I found a dry spot in this downpour!"

"Shh! I'm a trap!"

"I feel like such a third wheel..."

“This hamster is very large. I’m scared...”

“This spot is considerably wetter then the last one”

"I made a friend!"

“Yay adventures”