Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TLDoS#8 In The Garden

I had trouble with this one. In the end I decided to feature something I loved seeing when the weather got nice, but that I don't really see anymore at all...


Prior clean up

Again, prior clean up
 So if you don't recognize this fuzzy crap, it's called flocking and it's used to make terrain for models. My boyfriend paints and builds miniatures (remember the last post?) and he offered some up to stick to my nails.

I was a little worried about using it. It's very light, you have to not breathe over it too heavily. I was also worried about how to get it to stick, and whether it will wash off. Anyway, these are the steps I used.
  1. I painted on Wet&Wild 446C and I wore that alone for a day, just to make sure it was COMPLETELY dry.
  2. I painted on a little oval using my LA Colors striper for the eye of my caterpillar and I waited for it to dry entirely.
  3. Using my Golden Rose clear nail polish (NON-quick dry) I painted on circular shapes like a segmented caterpillar across one nail.
  4. Dipped my finger into the container of flocking and lifted
  5. Repeat for each nail
  6. Wait for drying. This leaves you at the step above, a little messy. Wait for the drying! I waited ten minutes or so, just in case.
  7. I went to the bathroom sink and ran water over them to take off the excess flocking.
  8. Surprise! It worked! It stuck where it should, it washed off where I didn't want it =D
  9. I ended with one more layer of clear topcoat and waited fore that to dry.

Again =D
So my nails look ridiculous right now, this is a major nail art fail. BUT the flocking application was NOT a fail, and I'm going to keep this in mind if I ever want weird textured grassy nails xD

Sorry guys! =P

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  1. See!? Awesome idea in the end! I can see the caterpillar! Reminds me a little bit of that Hungry Caterpillar storybook. :)
    How can you all hold your thumb to your pointer that way!? I'm not able to do that for some reason. :/ No awesome skeleton manis for helloween :(

    1. I LOVE The Hungry Caterpillar xD I should have given it big red eyes! Thank yooou <33
      I dunno how I do that! I think the trick is to hold it out from the rest of your hand, instead of right against it. It's not as easy as it looks, that's for sure! Practice, I bet you'd paint an AWESOME skeleton!


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