Monday, August 20, 2012


I got tagged again =D By the beautiful, wonderful Deb at Beauty Ninja (she is so good to me~). This appears to be the Liebster award without the award xD

Here are the rules:
  1. You have to post 11 things about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger set for you, and then make up 11 more for the people you tag
  3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
  4. Go to their pages and tell them
  5. No tag backs. 

Things About Me:
  1. I love math. I don't remember if I've said this. I've done up to Calculus II in first year university and I still love math.
  2. I just downloaded Gargoyles and the Wild Thornberrys and that is definitely what I am doing for the rest of the summer when I'm at home ;)
  3. I just approved of my Branden spending $135 on an assortment of Dungeons and Dragon Models via Kickstarter... I'm kind of excited to see him paint them all!
  4. On that note, my boyfriend has 4+ boxes of Magic Cards, and 4 armies of Warhammer (Tyranids, Undead, Orcs, Wood Elves). That's as much nerd as I can bear to tell you about in one sitting =P
  5. I'm going to Owl City in September at the Commodore Ballroom and I am really excited!
  6. My cuticles are gross for two reasons. First, I have a terrible habit of picking off any non-conforming skin and second, I have eczema, which dries everything out, making it more visible, which I then pick off. I thank everyone for not commenting on them =P I'm probably not going to be self conscious about it or care as much as every other nail-blogger does, so I appreciate that you're here for the purty pictures on them, rather than the slightly ratty frame <3
  7. I have a lot of Julep, but I think my favourite big brand is China Glaze, and I wish it was easier for me to get them up here (for less than $8).
  8. I am a rather frugal shopper. I'm just picky. If it's a shirt (tee or tank), I won't pay more than $12 for it, and usually that only if there's a BOGO deal.
  9. I use an epilator for hair removal. (I dunno, maybe you were curious!) - I've had the same one for 9 years or more. It's an excellent investment.
  10. I've been through depression, and I watched a couple of my friends do it too. Luckily, we made it, but I know of one guy from my high school who didn't =( If you need help, get it. The counsellors might not be your thing but something will do it. Communicate. You'll be alright.
  11. I'm pretty fascinated by Schizophrenia. One of those things in psychology I would really like to study.

And here are the questions Deb asked me:
  1. What is your favorite magazine? I think my favourite magazine is one I used to get as a kid - World by National Geographic. It's fun and full of facts and gorgeous images... I was a Kratt's Kreatures addict.
  2. What is your favorite snack? CHIPS. Have we been over this? Potatoes! POTATOES IN EVERY WAY. Sour cream and onion chips, fries, scalloped, baked omg everything all the time in my mouth. IN MY MOUTH.
  3. What is your favorite time of day? Can I be really specific? Y'know when you wake up and the sun is streaming through your window and the temperature is perfect like in late spring? So you get up and get ready perfectly refreshed and walk to where ever you need to go? Yeah that.
  4. Which do you prefer-gold or silver? Gold! I can't wear silver anymore, my skin hates everything but gold.
  5. What is your favorite holiday? See, I love dressing up for Halloween, but ever since I started having Christmas with Branden's family, it's become my favourite. I love buying people presents, the food, the presents for me, more food. Omg the food. Yeah. /drooling
  6. What type of music do you like to listen to? I have no idea. The bands for whom I have all the albums are Anberlin, Arctic Monkeys, Owl City, Hot Chelle Rae, Keane, Three Days Grace and Taylor Swift. Figure that one out!
  7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Anywhere from four hours to ten minutes, depending on how long I walrused around in bed before I had to leave. If I have to make lunch, I need at least 40 minutes to get it all done.
  8. How long does it take you to get ready for bed? I don't have a night regime, we'll say 5 minutes in case I brush my teeth. Otherwise I just strip all and flop.
  9. How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Lol never? I don't use a lot though.
  10. How much do you spend on beauty products a week? Not much! I go on binges and spend up to $25 I guess, but that doesn't happen often. My purchases have mostly been Julep Maven boxes.
  11. How many of your personal friends know about your blog? Whoever has facebook. I tend to spam it =P

Here's everyone I'm tagging:
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  2. Michelle at Ehmkay Nails
  3. Alyssa at Frugal Polish
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  11. BONUS: Ameerah at Valiantly Varnished

Now for my questions to all the ladies I've tagged:
  1. What's the weirdest thing you've tried to attach to your nails?
  2. What outfit or clothing item do you own that makes you feel super sexy?
  3. Do feel like you need to do make up to leave the house?
  4. How much water do you drink per day?
  5. What are you superstitious about?
  6. What's your favourite colour? Are most of the things you own in that colour?
  7. What do you consider to be your thriftiest buy to date?
  8. What terrible-for-you shows do you love to watch?
  9. Munchies! What do you crave?
  10. Pets! Show me?
  11. Do you have any other buying addictions? What are they?


  1. Thank you for tagging. I'll try to do a post tomorrow morning. Those are some interesting facts about you, imho :D

    1. Aww I'm glad you think so! It takes me FOREVER to think of things to put on these lol! Take your time! I can't wait to see what you've got to tell us all ^^

  2. Omg, I love you, you are so hilarious. Okay, first of all, I walrus around too, but I didn't know it was called that. Lmao! I set two alarms and hit snooze at least 5 times on each. I cannot ever get right up out of bed. Second, your potato comment is priceless. In my mouth!! Lol. And is the epilator the thing that rips your hair out? If it is, I used one once and ripped out like 6 hairs before I screamed and stopped. Yes, 6. It was like slow motion and I could count them. It's like a medieval torture device!! Wth?! This was great, I loved reading your answers! You're a trip! ;)

    1. I grinned like an idiot all through this comment =D "Walrusing" is what I decided it was called because I was laying in my bed and just rolling around, which for some reason reminded me of a walrus.

      The epilator is definitely the medieval torture device looking thing but it's less awful than waxing, which is whole-body pain all at once, whereas the epilator is only little bits at a time, which I can handle. I'm too lazy to shave every day with a razor and too much of a pussy to handle waxing (also it's messy and requires using up things, which you have to restock).


  3. Lmaoo you are crazy (in a good way of course) I love this one it helps getting to to you better <3 my fav snack is chips too! But not potatoes, plantain!

    1. Oooh I've never had plantain chips - I'll have to keep my eye out for those! Can't wait to see your post too (if you end up doing it) ^^

      I take crazy as a compliment no worries ;)

  4. ZOMG, yes! Potatoes in their every single form and in my mouth!! And "walrus" is my favourite new verb. I shall walrus like mad tomorrow in your honour!

    I tried an Epilady once in high school, and it made me cry. Literal tears of anguish as I tried to forgive myself for the horrorshow I'd just inflicted on that little patch of skin. I hate having hairy legs, but I hate shaving just that little bit more, so...yeah. I did try another epilator recently, but it mostly just breaks the hair off instead of ripping it out, so it's like a ridiculously painful trim. >_<

    Thanks for the fun read and for tagging me! I may take a little while to come up with my post, but consider me on it! ^_^

    1. It takes me a while too, so don't worry =D I'll look forward to it ;)

      The epilator DOES take some getting used to but I like not having to worry for a month at a time.

      Yay walrusing and potatoes! The best pair =D


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