Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swatch: Julep Emmanuelle

Well this is a colour I'd never thought I'd use after the one time I did!

Julep Emmanuelle is a milky light pink that takes some building. I don't think it's meant to GET opaque - it's a french manicure type polish. It dried absolutely shiny and did build up nice. I'm using it because I need a neutral base for my next nail art and I didn't want to use Julep Pippa.


I think this is like 5 coats. It'd be perfect for a glitter sandwich...

The VNL (Visible Nail Line) isn't bothering me that much.

Other hand =D
So that's that. Next up: TLDoS#10. On the home stretch!


  1. I was thinking this would be perfect for a sandwich too. Great minds think alike. Haha

    1. As always =D

      I hope you know how much I loooove your comments, lady. Thank you immensely <3


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