Friday, August 24, 2012

Another day of poutine!

Tuesday was a downtown day and of course that means we stopped for some poutine! =D

There was a new place that opened at the beginning of July called Mean Poutine (#getdrunkeatpoutine). It's the size of a large closet but don't let that fool you...

You see that fork? That's your reference. This is twice the size of the La Poutinerie poutine. It was also fantastically delicious. The fries were beer-battered I think. The cheese and gravy were good by me too. I somehow managed to eat the whole thing. And I didn't feel bloated! Points over La Belle Patate there too.

So here's our breakdown. I think this is an amazing one, and for a classic poutine, this beats Frenchies, but can't quite make it up past beer gravy and whatever Dunn's puts in theirs. If you're gonna go, take someone to share with! My friend couldn't get through all of hers and I had to struggle a little bit =P
  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. Mean Poutine
  4. Frenchies
  5. La Poutinerie
  6. Fritz
  7. La Belle Patate
Check out the updated list here <3

On our travels, we came across something that almost deserves its own post. Aveda (a hair salon) had tea samples outside when we were walking to the Japanese Konbiniya. It was tea! Peppermint Licorice Root tea.

No sugar, no caffeine
This tea was incredible soothing and a little bit sweet, and omg I had my first teagasm. A jar is about $30, and I'm going back in September when I feel better about money.

I wouldn't feel so bad about money if I didn't go into Sears today, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten these fantastic boots!

So beautiful! (not colour accurate)
I had a good day =D

OH, since we're talking about food, I found this picture in my phone:

Seriously Seafood Penne
It's from The Mill Marine Bistro and was Robyn's victory dinner for getting through math. It was delicious, and the outdoor seating was fantastic, with a great view of the seawall (which I didn't photograph because this delicious food was in front of me).

By the way, I'm going away this weekend (as of about right now) so I'm scheduling some blog posts for the next two days until I can come back and tell you about my mini vacation. Hopefully they work, if not, it's only two days 'til I return so don't miss me too bad =D

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