Saturday, August 11, 2012

Swatch: Essence Gleam in Blue

I am blown away by how much better this looks on my nails than in the bottle. Maybe because it's the colour of the folder I stare at during school every day?

It holds all manner of awful things (read: homework)

And then I put it on... Holy crap.

Alright! I think this was one of the ones I picked up in Coin in Italy only because I didn't have it already, not because I was impressed by what I saw. But I put in on. I'm impressed! I guess I should say it's a metallic light blue? I can't stop looking at my shiny nails =)

Surprisingly, this was NOT streaky. The formula was beautiful, went on opaque in two coats and dried within three minutes or less. Unfortunately I think all this acetone and polish has been making the surface of my nails rather rough and uneven, so I have what appears to be bubbles, but what is actually rough patches. Gonna have to find my buffer before I do the next polish.

What do you think about this colour? It's pretty fantastic right?


  1. Pretty! I'd expect such a color to be streaky... interesting that it is not!
    I think I have the same problem with bubbles. Haven't solved it yet... :(

    1. I keep a q-tip handy and try to pop them out as I go, but like I mentioned I think this was just rough nail surface. I'm worried about Wanna Be Your Sunshine (another essence)... That one bubbled on me before =/

  2. I cannot ever get enough of the Essence Colour & Go minis! I love them. THis one looks super on you!


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