Sunday, August 12, 2012

Speaking of food...

You guys should get into a White Spot soon if the special is on. Right now they have the Legendary Burger + Caesar salad on for about $12. The crowning glory of this combo, is that it comes with a "personal blueberry pie" (in BC anyway), which I thought meant a tart.

Not even close, this pie was bigger than my hand with the fingers spread out. And absolutely delicious, only about 400 calories for the whole thing (with whipped cream!).

[In other news, yesterday was a fantastic day for me. Two of my friends signed up for Julep (code: PENNY for a one cent box), I got a TAship with the university (which means I get to teach first years) and I got a really sexy bathing suit from Brazil. I also passed my Microbiology class (I was failing earlier this semester O_o never happens) and I think that's it. The TAship takes the cake... or pie! =D]