Monday, July 23, 2012

Vancouver Escapades... and eventually poutine!

Sunday was the day for poutine. That was the plan anyway. We left at 11AM with the intent to go to the Flying Pig in Yaletown for a pulled pork poutine. Little did we know they only serve brunch on Sunday, and it would have been a 45 minute wait... But we passed a couple cute things on the way there!

This little dress maker's shop, Victorian style!

A boxcar on Hamilton St when you enter Yaletown (by the park)
 Like I said, we made it to the Flying Pig (that has THE most adorable logo) and they were a 45 minute wait and brunch only, so since we were right by Davie St, we decided to try to Fritz which was a block away. For some reason it was closed, even though the hours SAID it was supposed to open. Really disappointing. We walked down Granville (right by Fritz) and found Millenium by complete accident! Hurrah! 1109 Granville in case you're interested. The girl there told us to go to Monster Poutine, and THAT was closed (just around the corner at Granville and Nelson). We continued down Granville hoping to find the Kaboom Box (no such luck) and then just decided to hike it five blocks over to Preston's on West Pender (1177). We FINALLY made it and it looked closed! LAME. We tried anyway and it turns out it was just empty and dark, but not closed.

Preston's Poutine with Rickard's Red Gravy
Ooooh fancy. And huge.

It was so good guys.
The boys got a sandwich and added poutine to that for $3 (for a $16 total) and they got the same size poutine as me, and it was very filling I was told. I highly recommend Preston's for poutine. The poutine by itself was $8 and a sandwich (comes with fries or salad blahblah) was $13.

On our way back we saw Toads! Made my life
Sometimes I love Vancouver! Of course we wandered around that corner of West Cordova with all the cool stores and guess what? They opened a new one! You all know New World, Venus and Mars and Deadly Couture. Right beside the latter is Why Knot? and it's full of steampunk/furry/latex too! I love it! I'm definitely going back and buying one of their leather pocket belts (way cooler than it sounds).

Anywho, here's the breakdown of poutine so far. I think I still prefer Dunn's Famous, but Preston's was a VERY CLOSE second! This bumps the other two down a slot unfortunately <3
  1. Preston's
  2. La Poutinerie
  3. La Belle Patate

Check out the updated list here <3


  1. I've always wanted to visit Vancouver- great pics!

    1. Aw, thanks! When you make it hit me up, we'll go for poutine ;)


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