Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TLDoS#5 Inspired by your favourite towel

Time for some TLDoS!

Well! This was going to be a challenge, wasn't it? I won my towel at my boyfriend-at-the-time's aftergrad in senior year of high school =D I won it, along with two passes to the Burnaby Village Museum, which has this fantastic carousel. The carousel is a very fond memory of mine, since the first year it opened was when I was nine, and my mom took us, and I was sitting on horse #23, a black with his head tossed high. I learned later his name is Captain Jack, and they don't sell postcards of him anymore and I have yet to get a picture. DISAPPOINTING.

In preamble, here's the poster I won, which made #23 forever my lucky number.

As you can see, it hangs on my wall to this day.
=) Anyhoo, here's the towel too!

Oooh, toughie.
NEVAR FEAR. This is nothing that a good colour choice won't easily set up.
Essence Wake Up of course!
After that there was some sponging...
China Glaze Harvest Moon and then Essence Wanna Be your Sunshine
And then some more sponging....
Wanna be my sunshine? =)
I added a glorp of Julep Daisy for the setting sun.
Too much glorp! aah!
(But that's what sponges are for.)
And then some striping...
LA Colors Art Deco black striper =)
I was looking at it, and at my fuzzy towel...


Now I match my towel xD
And there you go! Easy-peasy =D Hopefully the sun comes out soon so I can be back on the beach with it =)

What do you think?

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  1. That's a nice towel! I like it better mattified... gives it something hazy. Like a sunrise version of your towel :D
    I hope you'll get a picture of #23 sometime. :)

    1. Thank you so much <3 When I got the matte topcoat, I never knew I would like it so much.
      I hope so too! I'll hopefully be going out there again before summer ends. I don't even have a picture of me on him! Sad.


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