Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TLDoS#3 Flag Day and Happy Canada Day!

HI! So we're gonna ignore the fact that Canada day was two days ago, and look at my pretty nails!

I did some freehand, and also some stamping. Turns out Julep January isn't terrible for stamping =)

My good hand
Blurry but cleaned up
So my thumb was taped and freehand, I dunno what that criss crossy thing was for, there's Essence Glamorous Life over Julep January, then stamping with RA121 over Ulta Snow White and then I just kinda fudged around dabbing on my pinky...

And yet stamping worked better on this one
Cleaned up.
Stamping on my index finger but freehand on my thumb here, and my pinky was taped. Also Essence on my ring finger. I didn't feel like being symmetrical...

So there you have it! I think I'm caught up to where most of the ladies are now =) Hurrah!

Hannah from Polished Prisms
Victoria from The Manicurator
Alyson from Beads, Nails, Food
Amanda Murphy Mandy's Polish
Sue O'Connor  Creative Nails by Sue 
Katee from A Girl and Her Polish
Charlotte-Louise Charlotte's Nails
Jessica from Nearly Natural Nails
Karine from Karinea0a 
Jen from The Polished Zombie
Jessica from Jessica's Nail Tales
Ashley from One Nail to Another
Pryanka from Nail Sparks
Anna from Polished Cousins
Maribeth from Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite
Kayono (aka Johanna) from Neues vom Kellerkind
Amanda Schott  from Counting Down to Bliss
Nichole Mowery from Adventures of the Nail Friends
Stephanie Oblas from A Little Polish
Becky Barnett from Glam Fiend
Elysse Patty from Elyssian Beauty

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