Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The birthday haul!

I'm tired of waiting for mail and so are you. Here's the post that was supposed to be put up last week~

I walked around all week collecting various presents from corporations. I also got a couple nice things from awesome people, the nicest one being a weekend away with Branden at the Hampton Inn and Suites.

Came with a huuuuge fluffy cloud bed
The bed was very comfortable, in fact, the whole room was. We were on the ground floor so we had to keep our curtains pulled closed unfortunately but that was the only thing really. I forgot to take pictures of the breakfast that was included, but they had a Belgian waffle maker and we shared one because it was huuuuuuge. We had time to swim in the pool a bit too, before heading back ^^

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes
 Ulta was just across the street so of course I dropped in. I got a new quick dry topcoat (Ulta X-dry) and the CG on clearance. Lucky me!

We also stopped in Ross and I'm so glad I did, because I found a pair of teal Converse for $25. I'm never buying them full price again =D (or high tops apparently =P)

Teal converse! The colour didn't catch well, it's much brighter and bluish.
When I got back home, the hunt began~!

I went into Sephora on Tuesday
 I picked up my free lip balm beauty insider birthday gift! These are really nice, and I'll probably buy them full size when they run out. The best part is I've never actually spent any money in Sephora haha!

I hate flipflops
But I know I need something for the beach, where I plan to be A LOT this summer and these were quite nice and had a back-strap. I only wanted the blue ones but it was either one for $13 or 2 for $10. New shoes for mee =D (These are also coming up in my next nail post - can you guess why?)

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter
 I was passing by the Body Shop and apparently they've found a bunch of old Christmas stock that they've put up for really cheap. This full size body butter was $5! Holy crap! And it smells so good. I also managed to get my free birthday love your body card so next time I want anything from there (probably for Christmas!) I'll have a discount. Whoo!

On that same trip, I went into the new Dollar Store opened in the local mall and found sunglasses! I'm not gonna spend $250+ on prescription ones so I figured why not.

They were $1! How could I go wrong?

Ignoring the gratuitous boob shot, they (the glasses!!) look pretty good eh? =D
I also stopped by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the other mall and picked up my free birthday chocolate bar.
These are sooo good, perfect for those horrible down days =)
My July Bombshell box from Julep (remember, sign up for your first 1 cent box with discount code PENNY at checkout!) was sitting on my counter when I got home. EVERYTHING IS SO SPARKLY.

Wrapped up pretty with a triplicate of Fireballs!
 Hurrah American candy! Too bad I don't like spicy =P Who wants one?

There will be swatches soon enough, don't even worry about it.
My add-ons (Mila and America the Beautiful) still haven't arrived. I was hoping they would so I could post this with them but oh well.

I'm also waiting on is my single $20 *cringe* Rainbow Honey.

20% Cooler
Since then, Rainbow Honey gained a 5000 strong following on Facebook and so offered a coupon code for free domestic shipping or half price international shipping SO I ordered the 8 minis. I'mma have lots of Rainbow Honey!! =D

Last but not least, AquaDaisy Me Too (a Lynderrella Connect The Dots dupe!)

AquaDaisy Me Too
Hopefully these live up to that awful price tag. You'll be sure I'll be trying them soon!

LASTER BUT NOT LEASTEST, Owl City is coming to the Commodore Ballroom and I have tickets! (for September lols). An excellent use of my birthday moneys no? ^^


  1. You got some great stuff! (Man, that bed looks comfy!) I recently lost my sunglasses, and I'm totally going to look at the dollar store now!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, who'd have ever thought I'd find nice ones... and that they'd only be $1! xD Hope you find something you like!


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