Thursday, July 19, 2012

The birthday haul pt 2

So as soon as I posted that last thing I came home to find a pile of mail!


Squee! Cute little box!

AquaDaisy Me Too!!
 I am incredibly excited about this because it is going to look fantastic on EVERYTHING.


I think I'm going to use it right away.


The bottle is HUUUUUGE. I'll never run out of this!
 I'm so glad I ordered minis for the rest of them O_o;

And of course my Julep! Mila and America! + bonus pedi creme sample size
Omg I don't know how I'm going to get to use all these! This is why there is no more buying. I will get through it all first. SO EXCITED. SQUEE. =D

OH! And that envelope? Tickets to Owl City's The Midsummer Station tour (ironically in September). Hells yeah! I'll have to think of a cool nail thing to do for then won't I just ;)

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