Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swatch: Julep Leah

Unfortunately I just wasn't feeling the orange after a couple hours, so I took 'em off and chose Julep Leah! Leah is a beautiful green which I have no idea how to describe. The best part other than the colour is that it takes about 5 minutes to dry so I did two coats to get opacity and went almost straight to bed. Awesome right?

Gorgeous right?

Camera's can't quite capture it.
It's not this blue in person, it's got a little more yellow in it, basically being leaf green. It's such a great colour, one of my favourites from Julep.

You can get your hands on Leah at a discount if you sign up for a no obligation box. With the code PENNY at checkout, you get it for only a penny, and then the whole Maven Boutique opens up to you, where instead of $14, you pay $11.20 plus FREE shipping (that's always the killer to Canada).

Do you have a favourite Julep?

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