Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swatch: Del Sol Trick or Treat

Herro! Yesterday I posted Golden Rose 178, and I was craving glitter, so here's the next installment. Del Sol Trick or Treat is orange and scattered holo glitter in a clear base. The clear base changes to black when you're in the sun! It's easy to apply, but if you wanted it on its own it'd take quite a few coats. The colour change is quite remarkable though, so you might use a different amount if you start in the sun and can see where it all ends up right away.

Del Sol Trick or Treat 1 coat over Golden Rose 178
2 coats

3 coats

4 coats

Outside! Look at the holo glitter on the thumb!

Because of the orange underneath, it didn't get blackest black, but it would if I didn't have anything under it.

Outside in shade
 The colour shift happens really quickly! Within seconds!

I believe this is 1 more coat.
*drool* What do you think?

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