Sunday, July 15, 2012

Richmond Summer Night Market (old location)

So yesterday was an adventure day! We went to the beach! And then to the Richmond Night Market at the old location. I was really excited for the food because that was what I was told was the reason to go =P We were a group of five and we drove, which was good because it wasn't THAT great. I mean, the food was FANTASTIC, and you should definitely go once, but don't transit, it'll take waaay too long.

My friend and her man going for a dip. Lookit that backdrop!
I got a tan!
Night Market wise, here we go!

Hurricane potatoes!
 Ignoring my ugly face (what is even happening here??) these were delicious! They came in lots of flavours and just rocked.

Nutella wheel cake
 Basically a mini pancake sandwich with nutella in the middle. Only $1 and SO GOOD.

 (The post for those nails is coming as soon as my Julep add-ons come in!)

My friend Philippe with sticky rice!

Deep fried mango ice cream and deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
 Oh, my god, so good. The ice cream was interesting, but the banana was awesome. No, I did not eat theses all by myself. If you haven't had a deep-fried banana before, get a scoop of ice cream on top and enjoy the hot-cold deliciousness.

 And, last but not least, a suggestive bouncy castle with Philippe!

Spiderman in the background, luring little children into his castle of horrors
And then there was this.

The stuff of nightmares.


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