Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday freebies and something cool!

So a continuation of birthday food: Marble Slab! Joining THEIR e-mail club will result in a free medium ice cream in a vanilla waffle cone with one mixin. I chose to get Vanilla Bean ice cream with Snickers mixed in. It was delicious so hard. SO HARD.

And totally free!

In other news, on my way to Branden's last week and I saw this!

I'm pretty sure it was dead.

Look how huge it is!!
I don't know if you all appreciate how effing enormous it was. I have small hands, but it was still as big as the end digit of my THUMB. Jesus. I wish I'd had the balls to pick it up and take it to school. Somebody doing the insect class would have really appreciated it.

So nature is awesome, and there's one more freebie to come. Birthdays were never this awesome before, mang.

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