Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday food!

Lucky number 23! First meal we had was my free one from Boston Pizza. They had this delicious fettuccini with white wine sauce, smoked salmon, capers, red peppers and onions and oh my god was it ever delicious. I split it into thirds and had lunch for two days after too! I'm gonna tell you though, starting your attempt at losing 15lbs is not gonna be easy during your birthday week.

I loooooove pasta.
Especially free pasta! That weekend we went to stay in Lynnwood. We drove down on Saturday straight to the Woodland Park Zoo, and had dinner later, then stayed overnight and shopped the next day before heading back. Here's the food!
 Lunch at the zoo from Market Grill
These fries were so cool! It was pretty standard greasy food. The one thing I noticed was when we were getting it. There were all of two white people (women) working behind the counter. The rest were older people of ethnic descent (African, Indian) and definitely older. Is it like this everywhere? What a fail at equality.

For dinner we went to Red Lobster. Oh man, that place is amazing. Everything was so delicious.
 Starting with the cheese biscuit
I could have eaten ten.

Caesar Salad

Oh caesar salad. If you're watching calories, don't eat this =P

Grilled lobster, scallops and shrimp on brown rice pilaf with broccoli
I'm drooling just thinking about it. This was Branden's first time eating lobster and it was a good place to start him. I can't even deal with this it was so good lol. If you guys have a Red Lobster around and you've never been, get off your butt and go for a nice dinner! =D Noms.

When I got home, there was cake! (Mixed fruit chocolate spongecake from T&T)

I definitely ate all of that piece
I also got a free burger meal of my choice from Red Robin (Bacon Cheeseburger yo!) but you all know what that looks like I'm sure (and I ate it too fast to take pictures). With my Starbucks postcard I got a Grande Mocha Frappuccino ^^ Excellent summer things, all of them!

Thanks Starbucks!
Definitely a treat on such a hot day!
The next day:

Booster Juice!
I always get a funky monkey (basically a chocolate banana milkshake) and since I signed up for their e-mail club I got a coupon for a free 24oz on my birthday, which I claimed on Friday the 13th~ Hurrah!

I think that was the lot of it =D Next up, the birthday haul! (hopefully)


  1. Oh man, this all looks so good. Especially the fettuccine!! Pasta and frappuccinos are my weaknesses!


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