Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three-in-one - Swatches + ASBMF#14

Alright. Today we're doing a pair of swatches, and an attempted nail art which will finish off the ASBMF challenge. Unless I change my mind later and do a final one that feels more spring-y.

Either way, I really wanted to use the two new Juleps I got last week - Claire and Daisy. I decided I wanted to do a "string" manicure (*cringe* I'm sorry! I hate that word!) which I saw for the first time ever at The Manicurator during the course of this challenge.

Anywho, we're starting with swatches.

Julep Claire!
Julep Claire is a sky blue creme. Application was perfect as usual, and I only needed 2 coats.

I am very happy that it looks NOTHING like Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
Julep Daisy!
Julep Daisy is a saturated yellow creme that reminds me of egg yolks, which makes me think of breakfast, which makes me think of bacon, which makes my mouth water.

My nails are stained, so this took 3 coats.
It is definitely opaque after 2 though.

The next step!
I had some trouble with getting the Juleps to go stringy, and eventually I cheated and used a tiny bit of string dipped in nail polish. The other hand turned out better. This is attempts 1 (ring finger) and 3 (index finger).
My other hand!
And this is attempts 2 (ring finger) and 4 (index finger). Clearly, practice makes perfect.

I think if spring had progressed normally, these two sunny colours would have been the perfect ones to end the spring challenge on. However, because Vancouver is being a snotty little brat, I think I should have chosen grey and then maybe another grey. Also unfortunately, I've been using my Golden Rose 101 clear topcoat and it bubbles like mad (the above pictures are prior the TC), so I'll probably take this off tomorrow and try the beach theme. SIGH c'est la vie. As is often the case, looking at these pictures, I think they're fabulous, but when I see them on my hands, I'm just not impressed. Must be the bubbles.

I hope everyone had a fantastic time! Check out Karine's post for ALL the challenge nails.

EDIT 12.06.27: I want to retract my statement about Daisy being easy to apply. I just tried putting it on my toes, and I keep getting bald spots and it looks awful and uneven. I've never had to remove nail polish from my toes but this time it looks like I'm gonna have to. What a shame, it's a lovely colour... ==

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