Saturday, June 23, 2012

La Poutinerie!

So apparently this blog is becoming about nails and poutine, I hope nobody minds =)

Today we intended to go to The Flying Pig at 1168 Hamilton, but we got caught up at the Vancouver Jazz Festival and found this little treasure truck.


11 kinds! (Fries and Fries + Gravy don't count as poutine)

Branden got a Chicken poutine

And I went with the good old classic

It was delicious.
So points for this one, the fries were like home-made and it was not at all heavily greasy. However, the gravy didn't really make it all the way to the bottom, and we didn't seem to get a whole lot of real fries, they almost seemed like the chipped ends of the potatoes which was pretty disappointing. It was humongous and delicious regardless, which has to count for something!

So I'm ranking this one second out of three.
  1. La Poutinerie
  2. La Belle Patate

Check out the updated list here <3


  1. so jealous! i used to live in Canada and I love poutine! my fav is the Dutton Sausage

    1. I found this list of places in and around Vancouver, and I'm going to go through as many as I can this summer xD I'd never heard of La Poutinerie and it wasn't on my list. Today was a whim =) I bet you could get restaurants to make them for you though! Poutine-less life is a crime =P

  2. Lool I'll try to do it myself now you got me into some crazy cooking project (not that crazy actually it should be easy)

    1. Add crazy delicious things to it!! And be sure to show me! =D


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