Saturday, June 9, 2012

Combo haul

I'm a terrible, terrible person with a problem. Ania at Anabelle's Makeup has been enabling me to buy Essence (and I her, to be fair) so whenever I saw a Shoppers, I went in to look at their selection, since they were going pretty fast.

On Thursday, I picked up Wake Up! and Black is Back (for stamping!)


Then on Friday, my boyfriend's mom came home but forgot the peanut butter (poor Branden would starve without peanut butter) so we went down with her rewards card to the grocery store because she got 10% off that day, and I found Sally Hansen's on sale for $2.79 from $3.99 regular price!

You don't blame me for not fighting it right?
I did have a gift card after all, since I moved my pharmacy account over to them a couple days earlier (whoo free $10!). I got Ivy League (which is a Revlon Bonsai dupe, or close enough that I'm happy), Blue Me Away and Mint Sorbet (FINALLY).

Lastly, today Branden had to renew his insurance, and there was a new dollar store nearby. So I went in, and found Tivoli NP055 (anybody ever heard of this brand?) which looks like the Nubar Oro I was ogling on the website from this morning.

Also, we went downtown, and I saw a Shoppers, and went in, and bought Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine, which was out of stock when I went for Essence a couple days earlier (and bought Wake Up and Black is Back above)

So I guess this makes a mini-haul, except it didn't happen all at once, so it's a combo. Anybody heard of Tivoli? They make $4 magnetics too and I've been tempted far too much.