Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunny Saturdays =D

So I had a fabulous day downtown yesterday. Ania from Anabelle's Make-Up who you can follow on Twitter told me that Shoppers Drug Mart started carrying essence in Canada! Oh man, I got so excited you have no idea. I decided I might as well go in while I was downtown. The woman there lied straight to my face, saying they didn't carry that brand. Turns out for some reason only our ghetto store in the suburbs carries them. OH WELL.

The real reason to go downtown yesterday was poutine.

Dunn's Famous 827 Seymour St
Oh my god, guys, it was delicious. And it fulfilled that black hole of foodlessness that I've been eating for since I got back.

The boytoy got a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich thing with these delicious onion rings.

In conclusion, go. GOGOGO. It wasn't expensive for lunch either. Totally worth it.

Definitely a winner.
Check out the updated list here <3

SO, to complete the second mission, we went to Shoppers and finally found the essence.

high spirits, gleam in blue, walk on air, breakthrough, glamorous life
I can't wait to use these. Glamorous life reminds me of a red version China Glaze. High spirits I got because Ania got me excited and the blues and the red one because they were ones I was worried I would regret not buying in Italy. Breakthrough is absolutely one I haven't seem before (I'm becoming one of those) so I bought it.

There we go. Yesterday was super cool.

And today was cookies. I'm set. =)

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