Friday, May 18, 2012

ASBMF#5 Rainbow After the Rain

HI! I'm writing this on my new Eee PC which I named Squeee. xD

Anyway, I'm back, and I did my nails.

I used a lot of colours.
I decided rainbows don't happen after rain, they happen during, so I painted my rainbow (Julep January, Golden Rose 176, Wet&Wild 423C, Essence Vive La Green, Essence Let's Get Lost, Essence Passion for Fashion), and then I put a glitter coat over it (Odille 49) and then I added a rain cloud at my cuticle with  Golden Rose 187. Viola. (I'll check all the names later)

This is my Europe haul (including the Julep box that came while I was gone)
 I picked up a lot of Essence and some Golden Rose

And this is what was in my disappointing spring mystery box.
Julep January (double), Cuticle oil (double), Julep Pippa, Julep Melissa (triple) and Julep Hayden (actually glad I got this one). So no, I won't be ordering another one, and I wouldn't recommend it more than once. It seems nobody wants January (bright red creme) so they just keep tacking it onto mystery boxes and calling it whatever season's colour the box is for. Sad, Julep.

There we go.

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