Tuesday, April 3, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games, etc

I can't even resist. LOOK AT THEM. Unfortunately Riveting isn't available so I'm going to wait and maybe get that, Harvest Moon, Dress Me Up and Electrify. $3.99ea on BeautyJoint which is not really as bad as CG everywhere else.

Anyway. I need more practice writing. I need some theme. My 150 word vignettes died with my hormones (though those resurface when surrounded by intelligent, attractive people *COUGHChloroBLAST2012COUGH*

Maybe I'll just find one of those 31 day nail challenge things and write stories that center around the colours instead. Could be fun. Would be simple too. SO for my followers - all eight of you - you'll probably get a lot of crap. =P Try not to hate me.


Oh! I meant to say I talked to the Security office about the douche who showed me his penis using my camera and he's gonna get talked to.


Pretty much.

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