Friday, July 3, 2015

Swatch: ILNP Princeton

Finally getting some posts together! This summer is kicking my ass so far and my birthday is coming up but so is a big presentation that I have to write a paper for (TODAY- let's hope I get it done?)

This swatch is from a couple weeks ago and it is from that nice big ILNP order I made (recently, I'm trying to convince myself because I want another one now... SIGH.).

This is ILNP Princeton, three coats.

The formula was really nice. The holo isn't that strong but it's not subtle either. This is a nice gentle green that will make you feel cool, which you might really need given this terrible heat wave bent on cooking us all.

ILNP just released a new collection on their website, and there are swatches on their facebook an bottle-porn on their instagram. Tell Barb I sent you!

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