Sunday, March 22, 2015

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Tessellate over Masquerade (T)

Hi guys, so this is kind of mini post because I just posted swatches of Masquerade yesterday, but I got Boyfriend to pick out a glitter topper for my nails yesterday so I thought I'd post what he chose. Tessellate! Good boy, he's got good tastes!! Hahaha

So Tessellate has been a lemming of mine since I borrowed it from Sharra in December, so when Rainbow Honey put in on sale I jumped for it... and missed. It sold out super quickly. But then they restocked it in February, so I took my second chance and bought it!! I can't even explain it, I just love this polish. It has scattered holo sparkles and big holo triangles!! It adds to the party without overpowering and matches literally any color. Perfect!

So here is masquerade again, but with Tesselate added! I think it looks really nice. 

Haha boyfriend played b ball while I shot pics!

Not a nice picture, but look at the color range!!

 Hope you guys have an awesome rest of your day!!!

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