Thursday, March 12, 2015

Swatch: ILNP Supernova (S)

Okay, back to Julep Casey and how I wish I could stamp. What I really wanted on my nails was a dark floral hosiery pattern and what I got instead was scribbling with sharpie.

The thought was there, I just couldn't execute without more planning in the first place. Next time maybe taping...

Anyway, what do we say to bad nail art?


ILNP Supernova was actually super cute over this. You can still kind of make out the attempt at cross hatching but it appears as though the glitter filled in the holes in between.

I really like the effect, and the shift was glorious - much like ILNP Sirene. Make sure you check out Tiffany's swatch too, her camera is amazing.

OKAY. That's the end of this post. The next photos are view at your own risk. Messy cuticles for sure, but if you were curious, here is the Julep Casey Staining. It's horrible...

Are you sure?

You can turn back now.

You've been forewarned.

Aaahhh D:

Okay, haha I'm done. You should see what I covered it with! Come back soon ;D

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