Friday, May 16, 2014

Kiss Nail Dress Vintage Inspired

Ahhhh it's been so long! I'm sorry! I've been doing my nails and taking photos but not posting. It was actually a busy couple of weeks. I got my N (Novice Driver's License) on the first try, I got Standard First Aid & CPR-C/AED training and I started some craft projects that I am REALLY excited to shove down all y'all's throats as soon as it doesn't have to be a surprise for my friends ;D

Anyway, enough of that! I have today a nail strip set from Kiss! I actually won it from Influenster as a prize for being in the Top 20% while reviewing a VoxBox. Basically I whore out my social media the most ;D I haven't really gotten any complaints (yet!)and it's usually quite Blahg-relevant.

Okay! So these are the second brand  and set of nail strips (OMG Nail Strips! is the first) I've tried and they're just as easy as they advertise. The ones I was sent are sparkly, glittery silver that remind me a lot of Julep Mila (but that one was far more sparkly... sorry Kiss).

So I did these when I have ten minutes to get out the door. To do them carefully you probably need closer to 15 and maybe 20 if it's your first (or second, heh) time. One of the things I didn't do which I learned from doing an imPRESS manicure is actually that wiping your nails with an alcohol wipe before applying glue things will make them stick better, so if you want these to last I really recommend that.

The instructions are super simple! Pick your size by matching up the strip with your nail bed against your cuticle, peel it off and stick it down. Use your fingers to smooth it down all the way to the tips and then just use a nail file (it comes with a little bitty one... it's fine but your own will be better) to trim off the excess right against your nail tips for the perfect fit!

Topcoat unnecessary and I recommend not using any as these feel thick already without adding another layer.

They look great! Off I went to do some shopping!

I saw these in one of the stores! I didn't buy them because they were Toms and WAY over-budget but what a fun coincidence haha!

What is your favourite brand and design of nail strips?

PS: I used these photos to do an eBay guide as part of a virtual Influenster Vox! Check it!

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