Friday, June 7, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Hanami

Omgawsh gaiz, I'm doing so much nails! #unemployedlyfe

Anyway, over Orly Purple Pleather I tried to do a gradient using one of my Robot Collection Rainbow Honeys! Dusty Bot looks purple in the bottle but came out very silvery. I think it's pretty and I can't wait to do a base coat with it.

It was hard to do. Dusty Bot is very opaque. Better keep that in mind for stamping sometime ;D

Next I covered it in glitter. In my last purchase I got Hanami, from the Sakura Matsuri collection. It's full of matte silvery hexes and shards and pink ones too.

 I used Essie Pure Pearlfection as a topcoat.

It's amazing how nice it feels to have something shiny to look at. I'm actually starting to wonder what will happen if I find a job that doesn't allow nail polish...

Visit Rainbow Honey and tell em I sent you!

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