Monday, June 10, 2013

NCC June Neon #1

So apparently there's not catch-up for the challenges now... So I'm not really going to bother trying. Glad stamping is over anyway. I'll try to do at least one per month. This month is going to be pretty scarce because I only have two neon colours which I've swatched before.

Anyway, I really wanted to try this thing I saw on another blog. Kas did an amazing job on her Uranium nails and I really wanted to try that layering. I think she used yellow, but I used WarPaint Bad Apple, and then covered it with Sally Hansen Ivy League like she did.

Oooh I really like how it looks in pictures. When I'm feeling atomic, this is what I'm doing on my nails =3 I definitely should have shatter polished the top like Kas did.

What do you think? The combination is definitely extremely toned down from the neon but it glows. Would you do this?

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