Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cuba Nails #4: Refreshing! (but fail)

Keeping hydrated on the beach was a big thing! It was an open bar but sometimes you just need something REFRESHING. This guy had a little stand a little ways back and for one peso he'd chop the top off a coconut and stick a straw in it =3

Not the coconuts that you're used to seeing but look how HUGE they are!

I tried for the traditional brown coconut type. I started with Joe Mocha. Because I wanted it to look fuzzy I thought one coat of Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva would do it.

 It didn't quite work out. I think next time I'd try bar glitter or a fan brush.

Oh well. I thought I could finish it up with a white french tip to represent the delicious crisp white flesh =3 I used Julep Kate. Not the greatest but it did the trick.

It could have been much worse but I definitely didn't do Cuba what it's worth. Oh well. Have you guys tried coconut? (Honestly, it wasn't that great but it was refreshing.)

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