Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The PokeNail Challenge #6: Normal

You knew something was coming out of yesterday's swatch, didn't you?

You may also have noticed that I have been reeeeally lazy and unmotivated in my Pokemon Challenge.

THAT'S ALL GONNA CHANGE. (And you can probably guess who I'm doing already, because purple.) I originally wanted to do Tauros, because he's totally badass and I loved having one in the earlier days/games but alas, I didn't really want him on my nails after all. Wasn't feeling the browns, among other things...

That leaves a littler critter <3 Starting with Nyx Techno, I took up my acrylics and dotting tool and got to work...

 White acrylic, then red acrylic, then blue Sharpie =D
(You might notice the watermark dropped off... a bug in the program.)

I wish I had better photos!! That's my favourite and cutest Rattata card btw, and it's the Rocket's Rattata! It's in the top 1% of Rattatas! (points for you if you get that reference xD)

Lookit our menagerie!


  1. So cute! Love rattata even though theyre pants for battling :) x

    1. "Pants" the way you just use it may be my new favourite thing.


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